Biomimetic Offer

Dermaheal Eyebag Solution

  • Reduces eye bags and puffiness.
  • Prevents swelling.
  • Anti-aging therapy.
Dermaheal Eyebag Solution

Dermaheal Eyebag Solution, due to a unique combination of biomimetic peptides, improves microcirculation and stimulates drainage to reduce eye bags and puffiness and to prevent lymphatic stagnation. The product reduces adipo genetic factors expression, preventing the formation of fat and stimulates lipolysis, removing fat pad under the eyes. The product smoothes wrinkles, elasticity and tightens the skin giving the effect of skin rejuvenation, lightens and brightens.

Active ingredients:

  • Biomimetic Peptides:
    • Tripeptide-41: prevents accumulation of adipose tissue and stimulates lipolysis,
    • Nonapeptide-18: anti-aging, anti-inflammation,
    • Oligopeptide-61: reduces expression of adipo genetic factors, that increases fat storage,
    • Oligopeptide-73: prevents skin cells damage by inhibiting the effect of UV and other inducing apoptosis agents.