• treatment and prevention of skin photoaging,
  • surface wrinkles,
  • medium scars,
  • seborrheic skin with enlarged pores,
  • pigmentation.

TCA-Jessner is a gel with a unique composition based on classical Jessner with 5% resveratrol, wherein the resorcinol is replaced with 5% trichloroacetic acid. This prevents any irritation and allergies that can occur with frequent use of resorcinol. Peeling has keratolytic and exfoliating effect, removes dead skin cells and damaged epidermal cells, and at the same time stimulates skin regeneration. TCA contributes to the production of new collagen fibers and cell renewal, while Resveratrol in such concentration provides effective antioxidant effect.


  • 14% salicylic acid,
  • 14% lactic acid,
  • 5% trichloroacetic acid,
  • 5% resveratrol,
  • silica,
  • excipients: alcohol, glicerol, propilenic glycol, stabilizing agents.

Size: 50 ml
Efficiency: 18-20 treatments
Frequency: 4-6 sessions every 20 days

Modern peels line SkinProject® Nanopeel use developments in nanotechnology and is a response to the diverse patients needs and the high demands of physicians:

  • unique texture - a form of thixotropic, ready to use, thick hydrogel that prevents dripping,
  • controlled release - nano molecules enable controlled, evenly penetration and release of active ingredients,
  • facilitated intercellular penetration - small molecule allows a better, deeper, evenly and more efficient penetration,
  • double nano molecules effect; moisturizing and purifying - nano molecules during the release of active substances at the same time accumulate on its surface pollution and contribute to a more effective exfoliation,
  • stability and safety - the construction based on nanostructures silicon ensures the chemical stability of the formulation,
  • quality CE certified for medical devices.

Nanotechnology is a unique, biotechnologically advanced method for closing the active ingredients in the nano-molecules, which allows them to penetrate the intercellular space of the upper skin layers without hindrance, which guarantees a much better absorption of the active ingredients and make them more effective.