• deep and medium acne scars, keloids,
  • deep stretch marks,
  • seborrheic keratosis,
  • keratoses related to aging,
  • pigmentation (topical),
  • actinic elastosis.

TCA-25 is a medium peel. Through its caustic effect the acid causes a destruction of the stratum cornea and the upper parts of the epidermis, thereby stimulates an overall epidermis regeneration and dermis stimulation, as well as reinforcement of the elastin-collagen fibers through the body’s own healings process. TCA is one of the acids that do not have a negative impact on the human body - they are auto-neutralized in the superficial layers of the skin. However its effectiveness is due to the ability of penetration into the stratum corneum through the epidermis living cells. The silica structure also facilitates the penetration and increases efficiency.


  • 25% trichloroacetic acid (pH 1,5, pKa 0,69),
  • silica,
  • excipients: deionized water.

Size: 50 ml
Efficiency: 18-20 treatments
Frequency: no more frequently than every 6 months

Modern peels line SkinProject® Nanopeel use developments in nanotechnology and is a response to the diverse patients needs and the high demands of physicians:

  • unique texture - a form of thixotropic, ready to use, thick hydrogel that prevents dripping,
  • controlled release - nano molecules enable controlled, evenly penetration and release of active ingredients,
  • facilitated intercellular penetration - small molecule allows a better, deeper, evenly and more efficient penetration,
  • double nano molecules effect; moisturizing and purifying - nano molecules during the release of active substances at the same time accumulate on its surface pollution and contribute to a more effective exfoliation,
  • stability and safety - the construction based on nanostructures silicon ensures the chemical stability of the formulation,
  • quality CE certified for medical devices.

Nanotechnology is a unique, biotechnologically advanced method for closing the active ingredients in the nano-molecules, which allows them to penetrate the intercellular space of the upper skin layers without hindrance, which guarantees a much better absorption of the active ingredients and make them more effective.