About us

AntiAging Institute was established in 2008. It is a dynamically developing company that provides its customers with innovative solutions in the area of ​​aesthetic medicine, biotechnology and professional cosmetics. Products that are offered
by AntiAging Institute provides outstanding results in area of rejuvenation and prevention of beauty.

Our success is mainly due to continuous and tireless search for the best quality solutions that meet global standards and expectations of our customers. From the beginning we work closely with anti-aging specialists from Poland as well as from abroad and we take from their experience necessary for development expertise and knowledge.

As a first, we introduced and educated polish market about biomimetic peptides. Each year we expand our offer by a range
of new products, seeking to ensure that the company develops consistently and steadily from year to year. Development
of the company is also due to growth of entire industry and public awareness, thereby increasing  group of potential patience.  

Today we have a hundreds of physicians using with success our products. We are pleased with their trust, appreciation
of highest quality of product, which is also a confirmation of patient satisfaction with the results.

AntiAging Institute team consists of energetic and young people (both body and spirit), who put  their heart in an effort 
to reach out for greater group of customers, consists of people who make and grow with the company.